Monday, June 14, 2010


I think I will start with my cheapest garden tool, the lowly clothes pin. I am one of those people who loves to improvise, and hates to spend money on something really quite unnecessary when something closer at hand (and a lot less expensive) will do as well – or even better. I use clothes pins to hold fencing together when in use, or when wrapped up to be stored for next year.DSC_0415 Clothes pins hold netting in place.DSC_0409 Here I have used clothes pins to train vines up a support in my attempt at vertical gardening.DSC_0427 After this little section has attached itself, DSC_0426 the same clothes pin can easily be moved to the next tendril.

This is a great way to keep potting soil and other such supplies closed and dry.DSC_0403 I usually use the oldest clothes pins for garden stuff… I am lazy and leave them on the line, you see, year round, as I am one of those old fashioned folks who LOVES to hang clothes outside when the weather permits. The GOOD clothes pins are in a clothes pin bag thingie, but the gardening ones are in an old strawberry box that hangs up with an old hanger from a now deceased birdfeeder (read squirrel damaged). DSC_0417 Now ya can’t get much cheaper than that! And, it is a great example of recycling!

I also use clothes pins to hold birdfeeders in place – again, the squirrel thing, but also we have some serious wind here – and they keep bags of bird seed closed and waterproof… they hold covers on picnic tables, canvas covers on lawn furniture, and so many other things, I can’t think of them all right now. Maybe another post! Send me your ideas!


  1. GOod luck with the new blog! Looks like there will be some great gardening and other tips here. Recyling is a great thing!

  2. If you have ever spent extended time on a sail boat you know the GREAT value of the humble snap clothspin, possible the best invention since duck tape.

  3. A comment from Boy Bobby -
    Clothes pins are great for keeping bags of cookies closed - and you can glue a magnet on them to use on the refrigerator!