Wednesday, June 16, 2010


IMAGINE MY SURPRISE when I got so many responses on the many uses of clothes pins. I have excluded some that had to do with car maintanence or laundry... trying to stick to the out of doors or gardening type stuff.
  • do it your selfers - use a clothes pin to hold nails so the hammer doesn't smash your thumb.
  • We always take a bag of pins with us when we go camping, not just for the usual hanging things up to dry, but to make privacy screens for changing clothes by holding towels together. They also hold outside shower containers in place and close the tubes (on shower water bags) to shut the water off while soaping up.
  • I use clothes pins to hold the pages of my book when reading outside in a breeze.
  • My wife uses clothes pins to attach Honey Do notes to my work bench, tools, the visor of my truck. You name it, a note is there.
  • I know this sounds dumb, but I lose the car in big parking lots. So I fasten a big Christmas ribbon to the antenna with a clothes pin, but I remove it before driving home.
  • I guess this is only kind of outdoorsy, but in the winter, the kids keep their gloves together to dry with colored clothes pins. We can't find the colored ones any more so as they disappear, the kids write their name on a c-pin and we hang them up in the mud room to dry.

Well, I never expected so many ideas! Thanks Ya'all!

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  1. Some great ideas there!! Thanks for the tips!!